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Our Vision

For over 20 years, Nuapay has been at the forefront of Account-to-Account payments and the Open Banking movement. Through our market-leading payments and accounts platform, partner ecosystem and focus on quality we’ve helped thousands of clients (banks, payment providers, software platforms and businesses) deliver innovative, profitable and seamless payment services. Nuapay’s flexible, secure approach will cover all your needs, underpinned by our 20 year heritage.

Our Mission

Here at Nuapay we know that perfecting the payments experience brings transformational benefits to customers and the businesses who serve them. We believe Account-to-Account payments and Open Banking can achieve that better than any other option – and are, together, the future of payments.

Succeed with adaptable technology

Working with Nuapay offers the agility, flexibility and customisation capabilities you won’t find elsewhere.

Operate on institutional standards

Our ability to issue bank-grade accounts further simplifies the process of reconciliation, whilst creating innovative new payment offerings.

Stay ahead with a robust platform

Our industry-leading Account-to-Account platform provides instant payments, direct debits, authenticated mandates, inbound and outbound credit transfers, embedded accounts. All underpinned by our bank-grade platform.

Captialize on pioneering payments history

Benefit from over 20 years of Account-to-Account payment experience and our close alignment with European banking standards.


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We're very excited to partner with Nuapay in offering merchants access to open banking technology. A2A payments have many compelling benefits for merchants and consumers, and Nuapay's offering stands head and shoulders above competitors, thanks to its superior platform and unparalleled industry knowledge.

Adam Sharpe, CEO

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