Direct Debits

Better Direct Debits for you and your customers

Remove friction from collecting recurring payments and grow your business by enabling the subscription economy with a seamless customer experience and ensuring your recurring payments are collected on time.

Take advantage of Nuapay's highly configurable and flexible proprietary Direct Debit platform

Ensure a great customer experience

Capture e-mandates for Direct Debits / recurring payments within your payment journeys using our state-of-the-art APIs. A simpler and faster user journey using authenticated mandates.

Say goodbye to payment failures

Merchants can avoid payment failures with Nuapay. If the payment does not go through, a reminder email with a new Direct Debit date will be sent to the payer to ensure they have the funds required for the retry.

Reduce Costs

Save 30-40% per transaction when compared to cost of card payments

Real-time payer account validation

We can assist with your migration from your current Direct Debit provider – Nuapay has flexible data formatting options including support for many legacy formats.

Available in the UK and Europe

Direct Debits can also be collected outside of the SEPA region provided the payer’s account is in Euros and the bank is a participant in the SEPA scheme.

Instant bank transfer top-up

Initial deposit or payment needed? No problem, we can collect this via instant bank transfer via Open Banking.

How it works

1 Capture e-Mandate
Your customer will have to sign a mandate giving you permission to take money from their account. Integrate to our APIs to own the user experience or link to our pre-built eMandate page
2 e-Mandate is securely stored
You can access and manage all your mandates at any time via our portal. Mandate details are recorded to ensure the correct processing of Direct Debit requests. Nuapay maintains a database of all mandates in use.
3 Notify your customer
An email (with your brand) can be automatically sent to the payer – the pre-notification period is customisable for your business needs. Direct Debit schemes require you to inform the payer how much money will be collected and when it will be taken from their account. Nuapay can help you with this.
4 You’ve been paid!

Flexible and automated integrations

To enable recurring payments via Direct Debit you’ll need to embed and capture an e-Mandate via the customer’s payment journey. This can be done via:

API integration

Design and build of the front-end is owned by you and integrates to our APIs.

Pre-built eMandate capture page

Customisable checkout flow that is compliant with the various eMandate standards across Europe with one solution that maximises sales conversion rates

Secure payment link

Make use of our pre-built payment flows and automated notifications

Secure and regulated across UK and Europe

ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified

We adhere to all GDPR standards to help protect personal data

Trusted by large global banks

Built-in compliance

Ensure your recurring payments are collected on time!

Grow your business with Direct Debits. Become a subscription payments pro with Nuapay.