Embedded Accounts

Secure accounts for your business

Nuapay pioneered the first-ever Open Banking payment APM, melding payment initiation and collection accounts into a single, seamless solution.

Home for your business payments

Embedded accounts are needed for businesses receiving or making payments regularly. 

As a testament to our commitment to regulatory compliance and global reach, we hold Payment Institution licenses in both the UK (regulated by the FCA) and France, Europe (regulated by ACPR). This empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate our comprehensive payment account functionalities through APIs or utilise Nuapay’s user-friendly portal. 

Benefits when working with Nuapay

Comprehensive Payment Ecosystem

Enjoy a unified payments experience, encompassing collections, accounts, and payouts all in one place for unparalleled simplicity.

Banking-Grade Excellence

Secure Euro or GBP accounts equipped with distinctive and easily accessible IBAN or Sort Code linked to SEPA, FPS, and Bacs, guaranteeing the highest standards of reliability.

Effortless Management Portal

Gain complete visibility over your accounts and transactions through an intuitive, all-in-one interface. Leverage our APIs to seamlessly embed the platform into your user experience.

Total Autonomy

Take control of payments with the ability to initiate and receive transactions just like a traditional bank.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate Nuapay's API into your user experience, ensuring a smooth and cohesive journey for your customers.

Why Nuapay?

Embedded Finance

Embedded accounts refer to bank or payment accounts that are seamlessly integrated into other services or applications. Nuapay offers embedded accounts with its applications, allowing users to manage their money, make payments, or receive deposits directly from within the app. 


With a rich history spanning two decades, we specialize in Account-to-Account payment management and are fully authorized to offer financial services in both the United Kingdom and the European Union.


Nuapay provides steadfast reliability in the dynamic realm of finance, adeptly managing substantial volumes with an impressive annual processing rate of £60+ billion. Our unwavering strength is reinforced by the robust backing of our parent company, EML Payments. 

Grow your business with Instant Pay By Bank! Partner with Nuapay.

By partnering with Nuapay, PSPs and Embedded Payments providers can enter the Open Banking market quickly, with the flexibility they need to build customer loyalty and deliver frictionless payment experiences.

Our PIS license allows our partners to create innovative payment solutions that integrate into existing payment propositions and technology stacks.