Credit Transfers - Payouts

Transfer funds smoothly every time.

Nuapay can provide pay out capability via API or batch file over UK Faster Payments, Bacs and SEPA schemes

Nuapay provides Credit Transfer functionality in UK and Europe

UK Faster Payments

  • Instant same day payments
  • Integrate via API or batch file

UK Bacs

  • 3 day settlement time
  • Integrate via batch file

Europe SEPA

  • Provide fast payments across the European Union
  • Integrate via API or batch file

Payouts managed efficiently

Credit transfers are a push payment which enable simple transfer of funds from one bank account to another. Have full control of when and how the transfer is initiated so payouts are managed efficiently.

Nuapay clients can transfer funds from their Nuapay account to pre-defined beneficiary accounts. These credit transfer transactions may be initiated through any of the supported channels.

Credit transfers can be one-time or recurring payments and can be made individually or in bulk. We provide outgoing single Credit Transfers by Faster Payments and SEPA, and batch by BACS

International Payments in a flash

Talk to us about UK and European Credit Transfers.