Galway Taxis – Gets Extra Lift with Nuapay.

Galway Taxis are a pillar business within the city of Galway and this year they are celebrating 30 years in business.

Owned as a co-op by the Taxi drivers themselves,  Galway Taxis prided themselves in keeping up with technology.

Wifi is in the cars in addition to chip and pin readers for journey payments. All complimented with the Galway Taxi booking app (where card details are stored). Undoubtedly they are technology leaders in the Irish taxi industry.

They are an organised set of 100 taxi drivers. Bringing a determination and co-ordination to the efficient operation of their taxi co-op in addition to their renowned charity work.

Fees are applied to the drivers and invoices are sent to their larger corporate customers such as Boston Scientific.

“We liked the abilities of direct debits as we can collect the correct amount, exactly when that amount is due from both drivers and large customers”, said Fergal Cash – Chairperson of the Co-op.

In fact Galway Taxis have multiple collecting dates. End of each week for membership fees, end of each month for driver phones and start of the month for the large corporate customers.

“Imagine how this was managed before Nuapay’s direct debit solution” said Fergal. “We had drivers coming in every week paying memberships and phone bills by card, cheque and cash”

He added. “Reconciliation of different payment methods against different bills was very difficult”

Fergal estimates that Nuapay has saved Galway Taxis 4 hours per week on the reconciliation alone.  “Also because all bills are only collected by Nuapay Direct Debits we finally said good-bye to the paper ledger”.

“We are a co-op and we thrive when Drivers are busy and all aspects of office work completes efficiently. Revenue collection is a central element to that efficiency and Nuapay’s direct debit solution has helped us collect the correct fees at the correct date.”

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