Nuapay Account-to-Account Payments – Help

You are making an account transfer payment to your merchant for goods and/or services, using the Nuapay Account-to-Account, Open Banking payment method.

Complete your purchase by transferring the payment from your selected bank account directly to your merchant’s account. You don’t need a credit card and because you are approving the payment on your online banking system, you do not need to share any sensitive information with your merchant or with Nuapay. You simply log on to your bank and approve the payment; we’ll do the rest!

To make your payment:

  1. Select the bank with which you hold an account.
  2. You will be transferred to your bank’s online system.
  3. Log on as normal and follow the instructions to approve your payment.
  4. Once you confirm the payment you will be automatically logged out of your bank and passed back to a Payment Confirmation screen and your merchant site.
  5. Your account will be debited and the payment will be credited to the merchant; the transfer generally happens in seconds but can take up to one business day.
Nuapay does not charge you for making a payment through our service however other parties in the payment (your merchant and/or bank) may apply a charge.