Strategic Partnership between Sentenial and Docdata Payments on European SEPA Mandate creation and processing

Utrecht, November 30 2016


Sentenial and Docdata Payments have joined their efforts to create a European proposition for processing electronic mandates and SEPA Direct Debit transactions. The initial steps were taken in light of the acquisition of the Docdata E-commerce activities by Ingram Micro last year. The fast growing Cloud line of business of Ingram Micro created a strong demand for an affordable payment method for the Cloud Marketplace. Relatively expensive payment methods like PayPal and credit cards are to be replaced by an efficient and effective SEPA B2B Direct Debit solution. Due to the large amounts per invoice a percentage driven solution is very expensive and the use of extensive credit lines requires much manual work and checks. Next to that Ingram Micro decided to reduce the DSO-ratio (Days Sales Outstanding), which can perfectly be addressed by the use of SEPA B2B Direct Debit.


Yofi Inja, Business Initiatives Manager, Cloud PMO-IT &Business Initiatives of Ingram Micro Cloud, shares this considerable advantage of the use of SEPA Direct Debit, where after registration of the mandate with the issuing bank, they are able to create a cost-effective invoicing process. “We generate invoices a couple of times a month and now we have been able to fully automate this process with limited financial risk for our organization”.


“Docdata Payments sees many different E-mandate solutions on the market which primarily have a local presence. However professional European service providers for e-mandates, called Mandate Service Providers in the area of B2C & B2B are few. Sentenial is very distinctive in the way they handle (E) mandates and the management involved. Combined with our payment solutions in the European market, we now provide a unique B2B proposition”


Ronald Baas (Sales Director Sentenial Nuapay) “We are very pleased to partner with Docdata Payments, which supports our ‘Think Global Act Local’ philosophy for SEPA Direct Debits”. “You need specialists for SEPA Direct Debit optimization and the related European E-mandate solution. In combination with the experience we have gained together locally we have a very strong international and complete SEPA Direct Debit solution. Many of our international clients are very satisfied with the benefits they achieve by means of SEPA B2B Direct Debit.”


The implementation of the SEPA B2B Direct Debit process on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace has been completed successfully and operational for several months to full satisfaction in several European countries. Yofi Inja sees that the professional attitude of the two parties has led to a payment solution which does not only look good on paper, but actually works in practice. It addresses our needs to facilitate the payment process for our customers in Europe perfectly.


The API-based Sentenial e-Mandate solution has been implemented on the new Identity Services gateway of Docdata Payments which utilizes a modern software architecture such as REST protocols to address and thus implementation is very simple. SEPA B2B Direct Debits can be executed through various APIs or via a batch file. The entire solution is now available to all companies that want to simplify, accelerate and centralize their payment processes efficiently within the euro-zone. The combination of SEPA Direct Debit B2B and e-mandates remains an essential tool to achieve that. For more information, please contact Ronald Baas of Sentenial or Stefan Verbaarschott from Docdata Payments.




About Docdata Payments

Docdata Payments is active since 1999 as an international Payment Service Provider for businesses and organizations looking for omni-channel payment solutions. Our services ensure the safe, fast and accurate handling of payments, from the moment a consumer places the order, until the moment the funds to the merchant are paid and payments can be processed correctly in the merchants financial records. Simple, Fast & Reliable!

Docdata Payments B.V. is part of Ingram Micro. (NYSE: IM).


About Sentenial Nuapay

Sentenial is a leading supplier of ACH based Payments processing services for banks and companies across Europe. Founded in 2003, Sentenial used the advent of SEPA over the past decade to position itself with a cloud based, bank grade processing and service delivery capability to an expanding European customer base. Building upon our technology platform and service set, Sentenial is now investing in delivering innovative new services to the European market.


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